Sunday, July 20, 2014

Snaggle Nose lives!

New Paint for the Eagles and Bears
Thanks to Bob Paul, I have good news for all the Snaggle Nose the bear followers...he is alive and well. Bob spotted him on 7/19 around 10:30 PM. I am figuring this bear was born in or near 2006 so is now around eight years of age. The average lifespan for a black bear is around ten years although a few have been recorded at thirty years of age (Information from Defenders of Wildlife).

Snaggle Nose earned his name from horrific injury to his head in 2009, which has made his survival even more amazing. He is a huge bear and I am sure is weighing above 500 lbs at this point. His belly scraps on the ground he has become so large and isn't afraid of anything. He is a testament to survival and earned my respect a long time ago. Check here for a picture taken in 2010 of him.

I have been doing a little restoration of my bear carvings in the front yard. It started when I noticed a smaller bear(not pictured) had completely rotted out. He went to carving heaven and I cleaned up the other small bear and the eagle on top of the rock. Then I decided to cut the big bear off the tall log that was rotting and move it down to the sign. This task was not without some injury to the bear as he lost part of his arm and the eagle when he fell over. I had to glue and screw him back together again.  I painted all of them and put the big one on a rock to slow down the deterioration. 

The bigger one I had carved right before my accident six years ago. The accident stopped all progress on the carvings and I had never painted the big one. I believe he looks much better painted and he now has a job holding our address number. The address spot was lost during bridge construction last year. So if you are around check them out and keep an eye out for old Snaggle Nose. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Leetonia Upgrades

Clark Cabin

Melvin's Camp

Melvin's Camp close up
New things are going on in Leetonia. The first picture is Clark's cabin. It is in front of the Petite's place in downtown Leetonia. DBM house movers came in and jacked the cabin up in the air high enough to get a digger under it. They put in footings and build a block wall about 4-5 foot high under the cabin. It will then be back filled and give a firm foundation to the old place.

Melvin Venoman decided to get rid of the trailer and build a regular cabin under the roof he put up a couple years ago. His place is across from Pioneer Camp. It is small, cute cabin, which is being covered with hemlock in the board and batten style common around here. It is always good to see people taking care and improving their places. It makes Leetonia a happier place when everything is nice and well maintained.

I will try to get some pictures of the places when they are finished later. Tonight the weather is promising to be harsh. Severe thunderstorms,wind and possible hail. So hopefully we won't lose contact with the outside world. Have a great Leetonia day and enjoy the upgrades. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Fourth of July in Leetonia

Rattlesnake hiding in our wood pile.
Happy Fourth of July says the Timber Rattler in front of our wood pile. The cool day brought it out to the sun. Lee first noticed it when she was mowing. The mowing made the rattler mad and in went under the pile and rattled at her. This isn't the first time we have had rattlers close to the house, but his location is going to make it very dangerous for the dogs if they walk near the pile. I have called a rattle snake person to come and relocate our little friend.

As you all have noticed I haven't posted much for a month. Lee and I went on our first trip with our motorhome in 12 years. The dogs went with and enjoyed it so much they didn't want to leave the motorhome. The first day we were back Speck jumped in the drivers seat and Leo sat in the passenger seat. We had to drag them out. Guess they liked it.

A lot of people are up and I heard there is some construction going on in Leetonia. I will try to get down in the next few days and get some pictures. Thanks to all who watched everything while we were gone. I have to say there isn't any where nicer than where we live. Maybe that is why it took us so long to go anywhere else. 

Looks like the weekend is going to be mild temperatures and great for all those family get togethers. Have a great time where ever you are. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial weekend and stuff

Memorial weekend marks the beginning of summer and the weather kicked it off right. Beautiful blue skies and temperatures in the upper 70's to lower eighties with nice breezes made a perfect weekend for cookouts and Spring camp cleaning. Most of the camps seemed to have people up this weekend and it was good to catch up with so many. 
The bears are definitely out with many a sighting. I haven't talked to anyone who has seen snaggle nose our infamous bear who had about half his face ripped off about five years ago. So if any of you have seen him let me know for now he is MIA. 
Mick's camp is up for sale by owner so if you are in the area and interested you can get the contact information off the sign. Next weekend is the road rally, so for those of you who don't like this event and wish to come to the quiet of the woods avoid coming up at all cost. 
The road coming up from Cedar Run the first two miles is in awful shape. I am requesting everyone who uses this road to call 1-800 FIX ROAD or 1-800-349-7623. You can let them know from the intersection of SR414 and SR4009 the first mile is in Brown twp, Lycoming Co. the second mile is in Morris Twp, Tioga Co. the road name changes from Leetonia Rd. to Cedar Run Rd during those two miles and the state should have it as SR 4009. It is like going through a mine field of potholes. None of the ditches or pipes have been cleaned out for years so the water flows across the road and ruins it. I call every Spring otherwise it doesn't get fixed, so if everyone calls maybe they will get out here faster. Thanks to all who will do this and my car thanks you. The rest of Leetonia Rd to Leetonia is being worked on by Elk Township.
Hope you all had a great weekend. I know all who came to Leetonia this weekend had a wonderful time. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Rain and rising water

Apple tree in bloom
If you get this post by email you won't see the video go directly to Lost in Leetonia if you want to see it. We have gone quickly from snow white to brown to Spring green over the last couple weeks. The temperatures have swung as much as 40 degrees in a day. Our apple tree usually blooms on Mother's day and was a bit slow this year, but is making up for lost time.
It rained so hard last night it was deafening. I awoke to see the creeks along our house swollen and the new bridge getting a work out. Pine Creek made it to 9 feet but is now backing down if we don't get anymore rain. Wind came with the storm yesterday and took out our power for a few hours and of course there are a lot of people up at camps.
Summer is the time we lose the most power the most due to tree hitting the lines. The rain soaked ground makes the root bases easier to topple in a wind storm. I am getting my generator into top shape and ready for the weather.
I always forget how much work there is to do outside once the weather gets warmer. We have cut the grass once and it needs it again. It is also the time that I seem to find everything that is broken that needs repaired and the porcupines haven't helped. We saw a record 15 of them a couple weeks ago in about a 8 mile stretch. They chewed my gate and did a number on the wiring on my trailer to the point I had to rewire the entire trailer. Why can't they eat the trees and leave my stuff alone?
The bears are out more this last week. I have seen two close to the house and Lee saw three cubs coming up from Cedar Run yesterday. It is such a big change from Winter when it is quiet and cold. Now the birds are up chirping early in the morning and everything seems livelier. The trees seem to add an inch of new leaves a night and it is gradually becoming a dark summer forest again. This is the time of year to truly enjoy the woods and nature. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Forest Fire near Slate Run

Picture taken from deck of Manor
There appears to be a forest fire on the General Store Side of Pine Creek. This picture was taken by the Manor from their deck. According to them it isn't out yet, but has gone over the mountain into the Bonner Run area. Lots of dry brush and trees down from tornado back in 2011. Hopefully, they will be able to get it out. No news as to what started the fire at this point. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

We have had rain since. And fire was contained in above occurrence near Slate Run.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunny Sunday

Top of Hill

Pine Forest

Moss on stone

Winter green(Spring Red)
The sun came out today to do serious battle with the rest of the snow and ice. I can now walk to the top of my hill without slipping and sliding it is wonderful. It amazes me how quickly the air warms up in the morning when it is sunny and calm. 

I walked to the top of the hill to take a shot over the trees as you see in the first picture there is something starting to happen a little haze of growth coming over them in a few spots. It will be a while to see any sort of leaves, but for now the winter is over.

Light filters down in the pine forest in a special way in the second picture and gives you almost a magical feeling when you walk through it. The only colors right now are the green of the pines,the red hue of buds and wintergreen, and the green of the moss on the ground, which is very responsive to any first light of Spring and almost glows when it first starts to grow.

The Wintergreen or Bayberry in the last picture has a very different reaction to the new warmth. All winter it stays green and then in the Spring turns this bright red. The berries are a wonderful breath freshener and I never forget to pop one in when I walk by one of these plants. 

If you look you can still find snow on the North sides of the mountain and ice clinging to the rocks slowly and stubbornly refusing to leave. But I decided I had enough ice and snow pictures for the year and wanted you to feel Leetonia's move to Spring. I even saw a few yellow flowers along the road when I drove to Leetonia yesterday. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me or they would have made the blog. Spring is one of my favorite times of year. The grass is low, the bugs haven't arrived and you can watch the forest change daily coming into a vibrant living expression of all the energy the sun sends to it. Today is a good day to enjoy a walk in Leetonia or anywhere in nature. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.