Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The New "Old Antler's Inn"

New Sign

Front eating area

To go Package Beer
Lee and I went to check out the new "Old Antler's Inn," tonight and it was amazing. I don't think I have ever had a steak as tender as the petite fillet. I can tell you that you won't need a steak knife to cut it. Lee loved the potatoes and she is Irish need I say more. They told us they were grown in volcanic ash so I am assuming they are not from around here. The house salad was amazing no iceberg lettuce in this baby.  The house dressing is a vinaigrette that really brings out the flavor. Lee had the cream of carrot soup topped with a dab of sour cream and before you say yuck, she claims it has almost a squash like flavor. 

They opened last Monday on the down-low or as their assistant manager Mark Losinger says, "they are having a soft opening while they work on their menu and choose the things the customers like." 

Mark said he came back to the area after his wife got a job at Mansfield University. Mark is an outdoors man and jumped at the chance to come back here. He has a background working at some high end restaurants in the Poconos and brings a lot of enthusiasm and pure passion for what he does to the restaurant. Mark said he is impressed with the people on the staff and said all of them are loving what they do even down to the dishwasher. 

Mike Ackley and Joe Flynn are the new owners of the Old Antler's Inn and they have added a separate building that has packaged beer and other beverages. There is an ATM and they will be adding other merchandise as time goes on. 

Carol Coon, past owner of the "Log Cabin," greeted us as we came in. She will make sure you are welcome and knows a little bit about everything in the area.  Tina King was our waitress and we didn't want for anything. She even looked into getting something special made for the vegetarian. The place looks similar in some ways but they took out the middle fountain and made it all seating area. The tables have plenty of room around them so you don't feel crowded. They have booths that are quite cozy...you can even adjust your own light. This is a nice feature for those of us needing light to read our menus and then maybe not as much later in the meal. I took a picture of the big room but it turned out a bit blurry so it didn't make the cut. 

The other assistant manager is Alicia Ruskai, who wasn't there on the night we came. According to Mark she is the pro with numbers and keeps that part running smoothly. Mark likes people a lot more than doing math. All in all I would highly recommend it. Plan on spending about as much as Timeless Destination or a bit more. We both ate and had a glass of wine for $56 before tip.  They don't have a web site up yet with their menu and they suggest making a reservation if coming on a weekend or Holiday. Their number is 814-435-6300. Lunch is 11PM-4PM and dinner is 5PM-10PM every day. Kitchen closes at 9:30PM. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.