Saturday, December 25, 2010

Leetonia Christmas 2010

Today is Christmas in Leetonia. We had some snow flurries, but there is not much in the way of snow up here yet. It is common for us to get our heavier snows in January and February. One Christmas it rained and that really dampened the Christmas Spirit. I thought you might enjoy listening to the sounds of Buck run as you finish your Christmas celebrations.
We spent a quiet Christmas at home warmed by a fire. Lee was warmed by a fever. Unfortunately, Santa brought her the flu for Christmas. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

P.s. Vote for Pine creek as best river you will have to go through descriptions of rivers to get to voting.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Leetonia missed it

Well as you might have guessed I have been gone for three weeks working. I worked in Iowa and Illinois and visited relatives while there. On the way home it was a mixture of weather. The first picture was taken in Salmanca, N,Y, at a McDonalds. It doesn't seem anyone has been picnicking there. They got the lake effect and looks like at least a couple feet on the tables.
The lake effect was heavy on 86 just north of Erie until I got to Olean then it pretty much dropped off to what you see in the picture from my front yard.
A mix of bare areas to a couple inches of covering. The roads have a few icy spots under them especially near pine trees. If you are coming up to camp over the holidays have a good 4 wheel drive vehicle and the ability to put chains on when needed.
After working a week and a half in Iowa, I can tell you it is at the bottom of my list for places to live. Just wide open areas of wind blowing snow and cold at you. I managed to be there during a cold snap below zero temps and 50 mph winds. When I got up in the morning the snow packed between the storm door and the regular front door.
Scooter went with me and he was not impressed either lifting one foot at a time as they froze trying to get it warm.
The high point was when I finished in Iowa I got to visit grandkids in Illinois. Four of them can wear you out faster than any construction job. I left them pleading for me to stay just one more day or take them with. It is always hard to leave when they do that to you.
There is something about sleeping in your own bed nestled in the woods that is very comforting. Lee and I will celebrate with some good food and a day off. There is no major storms scheduled between now and Christmas so don't look like any hardships of travel will be in order.
I will post something Christmas day from the woods have a great celebration with family where ever you live. Mountain girl, Paula, logging off and loving living in Leetonia.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rain to winter wonderland

Rain has been continuous for a couple days resulting in overflowing creeks. Pine Creek at Cedar Run was at 2.5 feet yesterday and as of 2:00 PM today it is at 9.5 feet. Shortly after taking these pictures in the rain it started changing to a wintry mix and then snow. As of this writing there is an inch of wet snow on the ground. The roads seem to be good at this point.

The TV went out so I had to knock the snow off the satellite dish. Usually that does the trick so we now have reception.

Paula will be busy for the next few weeks so I will try to post for her. Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. Maybe some of you will be able to take a break from the Christmas rush and come to Leetonia to recharge. We would like to thank all our faithful readers. The other mountain girl logging off.