Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 5

Its the beginning of day 5 and still no power. They are saying it could be as late as Thursday for Slate Run and us. If it goes that long it will be an entire week. The sound of the generator running wears on you after a while. But the alternative, no water, showers or refrigerated food is worth the trade. There is another round of storms coming tomorrow and today we have high humidity and upper 80's for temps. This will definitely be a storm to remember. Mountain girl, logging out.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Power still out!

As of this morning we are still out of power day 4. Cedar Run got power back Saturday evening, but as far as I know Slate Run is still out. Temperatures are going very hot for next few days so now the generator must run constant to keep food from rotting.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fairy Tale in the woods

Once upon a time in a big forest a crazy girl came to visit. She didn't know much about the big woods ...but was anxious to learn everything.

"What is this black thing? What is this green thing? What is this? What is that?"

Her questions never stopped.
One day she went for a walk in the big woods. She walked along an old logging trail. Everywhere she walked she looked at bugs, animals, trees and things. She thought they would make a good painting, but she would change all the colors of the trees and roads and plants to suit her.
So she kept walking and thinking and talking to herself and soon she was deep in the woods and lost. She sat down on a log and wondered how she would get back to her grandma's house.

Meanwhile her grandma noticed she was gone and got out the best search and rescue dog in the State, his name was, "Speck" and even though he was a tiny Chihuahua he had a excellent nose. So Grandma gave Speck one of Reilly's socks to smell. It was so strong he had to clear his nose before he started to track her. But now he was on the trail, head down and jumping over the grass and logs to find her.

We all followed Speck for miles and eventually found her at Gaswell's Johns on the other side of the mountain. She gave Speck a big hug and we all went home to eat Smores. THE END.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

More Storm Pictures

1. Cabin on 414
2. Gamble Run
3. Gamble Run
4. Blackwell shed crushed
5. 414 north of blackwell camp

Sorry for those of you seeing a blank post yesterday. I had internet just long enough to start and not finish. We have phone again today for however long so trying again. Beginning of 3rd day without electric. It is looking like we may make it through the entire memorial weekend without power.
Elmira, NY;Mansfield,Pa; and Blossburg, Pa also
heavily damaged. The worst of those being at coal festival going on at the time according to Williamsport Gazette report: " More than a dozen people were reported injured and thousands of people are without electricity after a violent storm -- perhaps a tornado -- moved through Tioga Thursday evening." They go on to say it was a miracle no one was killed. Wind lifted the portable stage off the ground. Ten huge trees fell up to 4-5 feet in diameter fell during the three minutes of the storm. One woman suffered cracked vertebrae and three teens had to be cut from their car after a tree fell on it.
Roads have been pretty much cleared of trees
but numerous telephone poles which have broken will make power restoration slow to some areas.
We are still on back up power today and I will post when we get power or any additional information.
Mountain Girl, Paula, logging out.

storm pictures

1. cabin crushed on gamble run
2. cabin on 414
3. Finkbinder's house
4. looking up gamble run

Slate Run and forest heavy damage

Cedar Run, Slate Run and the Leetonia area as well as Mansfield have been without power for 2 days. It is looking like at least 2 more before power is back. We have no phone or internet as I am typing this in from Galeton using a library connection. I have some great pictures and will upload them when able.
We spent yesterday sawing us out of the woods toward Cedar Run and then helped saw trees up Gamble Run,which was hit very hard. Many home are servilely damaged and some roads in State Forest still impassable. West Rim road closed as of this morning due to heavy tree damage. This is the worst storm we have had in last 9 years. Fortunately, no one has been killed that I am aware of. Several people camping had to be rescued by forestry when tree blocked their exit some landing on cars. Don't think I would have liked being in a tent. I wouldn't suggest coming unless you like living without electric or phone this weekend. Will post again when I get connection or come back to town. Mountain girl, logging out.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Primary 2011

Lee Anne, Jackie O Neal, Sue Bonniger and I spent from 6:30 am to 8:30pm helping the township voters cast their ballots for the primary.
We had 24 of the 28 eligible voters show up. Pretty good for a primary and the fact it was a rainy gloomy day. After the voting ended Lee and Jackie drove the ballots to Wellsboro and Lee didn't get home until after 11pm so a long day.
The day started with the phone line being ripped out by one of the dump trucks. So Sue improvised by using a walkie talkie to reach her place and having Eldon make any phone calls we needed.
This was the first event to be held in the newly remodeled schoolhouse and most were pleased with the changes.
It takes just about everyone we have in this
township helping to make things work with so few residents. We are the least sparsely populated township in the state of Pennsylvania. Four township positions are open: one supervisor and three auditor positions all of which were write-ins making for a long process to cast your vote.
It takes 10 people writing you in to put you on the ballot for fall. As you can tell that can be a challenge with only 28 people voting and not everyone wishing to take the time to type in names one letter at a time.
All in all it was a fun day of seeing everyone and catching up on the latest. Ron Andrus said he found the Big Bull elk dead on April 17th and the DCNR is doing an autopsy to see how it died(no traumatic injuries were apparent). I guess a smaller male had died last year so that only leaves one in the area he knows about. For any of you needing to get rid of trash, spring cleanup is June 11th 8-noon at the township building. Lee is holding down the fort for a week while I am off to my dad's memorial this weekend in Wisconsin. I am hoping this rain will be done when I get back. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Maynard School inside finished

The inside of the Maynard School House is finished just in time for elections next week. I took pictures without any of the furniture in building so you can see walls easier.
The original furniture to be saved will be cleaned up and made useable before it is brought back in. In some cases this will involve a bit of work.
I got the blackboard that was under the slate board back up with the names of people on it. It has been sealed so no one can erase it. We placed it in a corner next to the other board.
There is still a bit of siding work to do on outside and the entire building will be repainted outside this summer.
The very last picture shows the rope hanging down from the attic where the bell is. It can be pulled to hear the bell tolling once again. I am very pleased with this project and look forward to all the voters seeing it as they come in to vote. The township has talked about having an open house some time, if they do I will post it. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Porcupine free time over...

We made it a whole year without any dog/porcupine encounters! Our streak ended tonight with Leo finding one in the front yard. We pulled a couple hundred out of him. You can't even see the ones on the roof of his mouth. He will have to go to the vet in the morning and get some antibiotics as the quills carry a lot of infection. But at least he can breathe and drink again.
It is an ugly, bloody job to get rid of the quills. I use the handle of a wooden hammer to keep him from closing his mouth while we pull them out of the inside. It hurt him so much at first he was biting on objects near him trying to get them out. He never tried to bite us ....so much for the vicious Pit Bull theories.
May seems to be the month the dogs have gotten into the most porcupine problems. The one who got Leo is now dead as it was still in the apple tree next to house and I filled it with lead to even the score.
Just two nights ago the dogs barked and we heard gnawing

outside. It was raining and I took the flashlight but was unable to find the offender. The dogs heard it again later and I again went out(this time in my pajamas with a pistol, and flashlight) still no quill pig. I am afraid the same one got poor Leo so I feel bad I didn't find it first. Around 4 am that same morning, I was again awoken by dog barking that wouldn't stop this time a bear had tipped a garbage can over and taken off when the dogs barked. So it was a night of the animals. I am glad not every night is that way or I would be very tired all day.

So if you have a dog up here watch them close the porcupines are out and not afraid to smack any one who dares to disturb them. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hummingbirds are back

Well, the hummingbirds came back a couple days ago. There are only a couple right now..the males who stake out their territory ahead of the females. Lee half-filled the feeders on May 1st and by the next day one was at the feeder.
Rain continues to be the normal. In fact, people are now counting the hours it doesn't rain. It makes for good canoeing, but little else. Most the fisherman had to fish on smaller streams last week as the water in Pine Creek was too high.
My pond in the back in nicely full. It is a shame that it leeches through the soil when we don't have rain. The only ways I know to stop that is

with an expensive liner made of rubber or clay. So for now we just enjoy it when it rains so we have enjoyed it a lot this month. I took the picture of the pond during a few hours of sun one day.
Trying to get the dogs and myself a nice walk everyday has been a challenge, but I squeaked on in today between showers. Speck, the Chihuahua is 2 for 2 on walks as far as finding nasty things to roll in. He is fast about it too. So he is also 2 for 2 walks on getting a bath. A much easier job on a 10 pound dog than a 100 pound dog like Scooter.
It is funny how even though the dogs are outside when we are here...they still want you to take them on a walk.
The bears are out and getting into things so watch your garbage. Lee Stover left his in the back of his pick-up and the bear redistributed it all over the mountain. I saw a second year cub along Leetonia road coming down Cedar Mountain yesterday. The first one I have seen since winter. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.