Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 5

Its the beginning of day 5 and still no power. They are saying it could be as late as Thursday for Slate Run and us. If it goes that long it will be an entire week. The sound of the generator running wears on you after a while. But the alternative, no water, showers or refrigerated food is worth the trade. There is another round of storms coming tomorrow and today we have high humidity and upper 80's for temps. This will definitely be a storm to remember. Mountain girl, logging out.


Pianoman said...

Have you been back the Fahneystock? We're concerned about our camp and haven't been able to get up yet to check it out.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leann and Paula, this is Andrea who visited you on Saturday and was looking for the labyrinth. Back home now in Lancaster PA. I will be following the blog now.Thanks for your hospitality.

Anonymous said...

Enjoying the blog! We heard all about Andrea's visit with you and were fascinated. Hope all is well, as I haven't seen any posts for a few days.