Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fairy Tale in the woods

Once upon a time in a big forest a crazy girl came to visit. She didn't know much about the big woods ...but was anxious to learn everything.

"What is this black thing? What is this green thing? What is this? What is that?"

Her questions never stopped.
One day she went for a walk in the big woods. She walked along an old logging trail. Everywhere she walked she looked at bugs, animals, trees and things. She thought they would make a good painting, but she would change all the colors of the trees and roads and plants to suit her.
So she kept walking and thinking and talking to herself and soon she was deep in the woods and lost. She sat down on a log and wondered how she would get back to her grandma's house.

Meanwhile her grandma noticed she was gone and got out the best search and rescue dog in the State, his name was, "Speck" and even though he was a tiny Chihuahua he had a excellent nose. So Grandma gave Speck one of Reilly's socks to smell. It was so strong he had to clear his nose before he started to track her. But now he was on the trail, head down and jumping over the grass and logs to find her.

We all followed Speck for miles and eventually found her at Gaswell's Johns on the other side of the mountain. She gave Speck a big hug and we all went home to eat Smores. THE END.

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