Friday, May 6, 2011

Porcupine free time over...

We made it a whole year without any dog/porcupine encounters! Our streak ended tonight with Leo finding one in the front yard. We pulled a couple hundred out of him. You can't even see the ones on the roof of his mouth. He will have to go to the vet in the morning and get some antibiotics as the quills carry a lot of infection. But at least he can breathe and drink again.
It is an ugly, bloody job to get rid of the quills. I use the handle of a wooden hammer to keep him from closing his mouth while we pull them out of the inside. It hurt him so much at first he was biting on objects near him trying to get them out. He never tried to bite us much for the vicious Pit Bull theories.
May seems to be the month the dogs have gotten into the most porcupine problems. The one who got Leo is now dead as it was still in the apple tree next to house and I filled it with lead to even the score.
Just two nights ago the dogs barked and we heard gnawing

outside. It was raining and I took the flashlight but was unable to find the offender. The dogs heard it again later and I again went out(this time in my pajamas with a pistol, and flashlight) still no quill pig. I am afraid the same one got poor Leo so I feel bad I didn't find it first. Around 4 am that same morning, I was again awoken by dog barking that wouldn't stop this time a bear had tipped a garbage can over and taken off when the dogs barked. So it was a night of the animals. I am glad not every night is that way or I would be very tired all day.

So if you have a dog up here watch them close the porcupines are out and not afraid to smack any one who dares to disturb them. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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