Saturday, July 26, 2014

Trailer for Sale

I am selling the trailer in front of our house for anyone interested. It is 22', needs water heater and awning. I am also selling the composite deck in front of it.  The deck is 10' x 16'. I would like $1500 for Trailer and $500 for deck. 

It is hard to believe it is getting near the end of July. Why does summer go so fast and winter so slow. The hummingbirds are picking up interest in the feeders. We don't have near the ones we usually do as we didn't put feeders out at the beginning of the season, since we were going to be gone. Lee only has 3-4 feeders up instead of the usual 17. I think in some ways she is glad to only have to feed a few of them.

Enclosed a deck for a guy in Germania and I have a ton of small jobs to finish up before the end of the summer. It always seems like the small jobs use up the most time. The weather promises rain much of the weekend so it will be hard to get much done outside in the way of painting. 

The marathon through the canyon is this weekend. I will be up bright and early Sunday to help with one of the water stations about a few miles down Painter-Leetonia Rd. It is always interesting to see the different kind of people that choose to run. It poured last year and I am hoping the rain holds off some this year. Any of you interested in the trailer email me or stop in. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Snaggle Nose lives!

New Paint for the Eagles and Bears
Thanks to Bob Paul, I have good news for all the Snaggle Nose the bear followers...he is alive and well. Bob spotted him on 7/19 around 10:30 PM. I am figuring this bear was born in or near 2006 so is now around eight years of age. The average lifespan for a black bear is around ten years although a few have been recorded at thirty years of age (Information from Defenders of Wildlife).

Snaggle Nose earned his name from horrific injury to his head in 2009, which has made his survival even more amazing. He is a huge bear and I am sure is weighing above 500 lbs at this point. His belly scraps on the ground he has become so large and isn't afraid of anything. He is a testament to survival and earned my respect a long time ago. Check here for a picture taken in 2010 of him.

I have been doing a little restoration of my bear carvings in the front yard. It started when I noticed a smaller bear(not pictured) had completely rotted out. He went to carving heaven and I cleaned up the other small bear and the eagle on top of the rock. Then I decided to cut the big bear off the tall log that was rotting and move it down to the sign. This task was not without some injury to the bear as he lost part of his arm and the eagle when he fell over. I had to glue and screw him back together again.  I painted all of them and put the big one on a rock to slow down the deterioration. 

The bigger one I had carved right before my accident six years ago. The accident stopped all progress on the carvings and I had never painted the big one. I believe he looks much better painted and he now has a job holding our address number. The address spot was lost during bridge construction last year. So if you are around check them out and keep an eye out for old Snaggle Nose. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Leetonia Upgrades

Clark Cabin

Melvin's Camp

Melvin's Camp close up
New things are going on in Leetonia. The first picture is Clark's cabin. It is in front of the Petite's place in downtown Leetonia. DBM house movers came in and jacked the cabin up in the air high enough to get a digger under it. They put in footings and build a block wall about 4-5 foot high under the cabin. It will then be back filled and give a firm foundation to the old place.

Melvin Venoman decided to get rid of the trailer and build a regular cabin under the roof he put up a couple years ago. His place is across from Pioneer Camp. It is small, cute cabin, which is being covered with hemlock in the board and batten style common around here. It is always good to see people taking care and improving their places. It makes Leetonia a happier place when everything is nice and well maintained.

I will try to get some pictures of the places when they are finished later. Tonight the weather is promising to be harsh. Severe thunderstorms,wind and possible hail. So hopefully we won't lose contact with the outside world. Have a great Leetonia day and enjoy the upgrades. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Fourth of July in Leetonia

Rattlesnake hiding in our wood pile.
Happy Fourth of July says the Timber Rattler in front of our wood pile. The cool day brought it out to the sun. Lee first noticed it when she was mowing. The mowing made the rattler mad and in went under the pile and rattled at her. This isn't the first time we have had rattlers close to the house, but his location is going to make it very dangerous for the dogs if they walk near the pile. I have called a rattle snake person to come and relocate our little friend.

As you all have noticed I haven't posted much for a month. Lee and I went on our first trip with our motorhome in 12 years. The dogs went with and enjoyed it so much they didn't want to leave the motorhome. The first day we were back Speck jumped in the drivers seat and Leo sat in the passenger seat. We had to drag them out. Guess they liked it.

A lot of people are up and I heard there is some construction going on in Leetonia. I will try to get down in the next few days and get some pictures. Thanks to all who watched everything while we were gone. I have to say there isn't any where nicer than where we live. Maybe that is why it took us so long to go anywhere else. 

Looks like the weekend is going to be mild temperatures and great for all those family get togethers. Have a great time where ever you are. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.