Sunday, July 20, 2014

Snaggle Nose lives!

New Paint for the Eagles and Bears
Thanks to Bob Paul, I have good news for all the Snaggle Nose the bear followers...he is alive and well. Bob spotted him on 7/19 around 10:30 PM. I am figuring this bear was born in or near 2006 so is now around eight years of age. The average lifespan for a black bear is around ten years although a few have been recorded at thirty years of age (Information from Defenders of Wildlife).

Snaggle Nose earned his name from horrific injury to his head in 2009, which has made his survival even more amazing. He is a huge bear and I am sure is weighing above 500 lbs at this point. His belly scraps on the ground he has become so large and isn't afraid of anything. He is a testament to survival and earned my respect a long time ago. Check here for a picture taken in 2010 of him.

I have been doing a little restoration of my bear carvings in the front yard. It started when I noticed a smaller bear(not pictured) had completely rotted out. He went to carving heaven and I cleaned up the other small bear and the eagle on top of the rock. Then I decided to cut the big bear off the tall log that was rotting and move it down to the sign. This task was not without some injury to the bear as he lost part of his arm and the eagle when he fell over. I had to glue and screw him back together again.  I painted all of them and put the big one on a rock to slow down the deterioration. 

The bigger one I had carved right before my accident six years ago. The accident stopped all progress on the carvings and I had never painted the big one. I believe he looks much better painted and he now has a job holding our address number. The address spot was lost during bridge construction last year. So if you are around check them out and keep an eye out for old Snaggle Nose. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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rockhouse said...

We have something in comment, as I have 4 carved bears. You are an artist, since I did not carve mine...but just rejuvenated them by applying resin to the bases to prevent further rotting. Then primed each, applied satin black to each and now am highlighting each with beige rawhide color paint. I like what you've done on your bears though....

Any plans to visit your Son anytime soon....would enjoy having you over to our home, if you get out this way?

Fred & Carol Espenship
Evergreen, CO