Saturday, July 26, 2014

Trailer for Sale

I am selling the trailer in front of our house for anyone interested. It is 22', needs water heater and awning. I am also selling the composite deck in front of it.  The deck is 10' x 16'. I would like $1500 for Trailer and $500 for deck. 

It is hard to believe it is getting near the end of July. Why does summer go so fast and winter so slow. The hummingbirds are picking up interest in the feeders. We don't have near the ones we usually do as we didn't put feeders out at the beginning of the season, since we were going to be gone. Lee only has 3-4 feeders up instead of the usual 17. I think in some ways she is glad to only have to feed a few of them.

Enclosed a deck for a guy in Germania and I have a ton of small jobs to finish up before the end of the summer. It always seems like the small jobs use up the most time. The weather promises rain much of the weekend so it will be hard to get much done outside in the way of painting. 

The marathon through the canyon is this weekend. I will be up bright and early Sunday to help with one of the water stations about a few miles down Painter-Leetonia Rd. It is always interesting to see the different kind of people that choose to run. It poured last year and I am hoping the rain holds off some this year. Any of you interested in the trailer email me or stop in. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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