Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow finally comes

Well, we finally got some snow last night and today. I would guess a total of 6-8 inches. This is nothing compared to the high numbers of 20+ inches to the South and East of us. It will be enough to make the snowmobilers happy this weekend.
After the plow went by I got my neighbors 4-wheeler and plowed his driveway and mine. I am sure glad he is letting us use it sure saves on the back. As you can see from the second picture, Speck, watched me as I plowed outside.
I took the dogs for a walk up the road after I finished plowing and on the way back, I fell four times. I
guess the plow took enough snow off the road to reveal ice underneath. Had I known it was that slippery I would have worn my ice spikes. Each time I fell I got licked to death by the dogs. It didn't help me get up.

It is still snowing fairly good and the wind is blowing along with it so I expect to have to plow again before it is over. The weather people say we are through with the most of what this storm has to offer so I don't expect more than an inch or two more.
It was so windy last night, it sounded like a truck going down the road. Snow blew up under the porches and into the window sills. Made for a chilly feeling night. I guess we can count ourselves lucky though we still have power, heat and not too much snow.
Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Disaster Strikes three for Antlers Inn

On the way back from Wellsboro today we noticed firetrucks leaving town. As soon as we approached the Antlers Inn area on 6, flares were out and as we came to a stop in front of the Inn we could see flames shooting from the house behind the Inn. It became immediately apparent there would be no saving the house as the firefighters from many towns converged and were met with the task of getting water to the house. None of the big truck could get close on the slippery ground and a 5 inch line was run down hwy 6 to an area to pump water out of. By the time hoses could be set up the entire structure was ablaze and starting to torch the surrounding trees.

Lee and I watched in horror and concern for anyone who might have been inside. We thought about all the tragedy Sandi Lundgren has been through with the loss of her husband, the restaurant burning and now her house. (see this link for her history ). We just kept thinking why does so much happen to one person. We sat for an hour with no sign of being able to get around the hose across hwy 6. A person came out of Antlers and told us Sandi had been in the house when it started but was alright. We breathed a sigh of relief, but the anxiety and pain was still in the air as thick as the smoke. We decided to turn around as the flames became under control and the smoke got more difficult to take. We went home through the State Forest Colton Point to Painter Leetonia Rd. , a long slow ride. Our hearts go out to Sandi and everyone at Antlers.

Road to Cedar Run

Well we made the trip to Cedar run yesterday on Leetonia Road and it wasn't bad. From about a mile South of Leetonia you can see ruts down to the road or the entire road. Lee took a little video of the ice falls and creek push play to see it. The last mile or so to Leetonia is packed snow and ice maybe about 4" thick. Nothing compared to what we usually see this time of year. We got a light dusting of snow last night, but the roads are passable by any four-wheel drive vehicle or brave front wheel drive person. Mountain girl, Paula, logging off.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snow isn't here!

I think this is the longest I have gone without a post to this blog. I have been gone for a month, while Lee held the camp down. We haven't had much snow this year as you can see from the picture. I used the snowmobile once to pull kids on sleds and it has waited patiently for more snow without success.
All of our snow and cold appears to have gone South for the winter. The good news is for the animals who don't have to look far for food and struggle through the deep snow. Also, good news for the firewood. We are going through wood near as fast this year as last.
The economy has hit us now and I have had to go
other places this winter to work. I will again be heading out to San Diego to help my son remodel his bath. I guess it is good I have relatives that need work done. This time its somewhere warm a side benefit.
While I was in Illinois I experienced my first earthquake 4.3. Small by earthquake standards but startling enough to wake me out of a dead sleep in the early morning hours. All the times I have been to California and never felt one there.
With the crunch and the amount I am away it has become necessary for me to find a home for one or two of my big dogs. If any of you want a 5-year-old pit bull neutered male(Leo) or 2 year old large furry mix, neutered male, Scooter. Let me know. They both need firm owners. Leo doesn't play well and needs a home without other dogs. It is hard for me to even think of giving one of my dogs away, but with all the travel it is hard on them too. If I can get it down to one large and one small dog it will be much easier. Without me here..Leo got into a fight with the other two dogs and ended up the worse for his effort. Multiple dogs can be difficult if you don't keep a thumb on them at all times.
For now I am enjoying being back in the woods and praying for Spring and close work so I can stay in the place I love. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.