Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Spring

This first day of Spring I was greeted with a robin in the front yard. I was told that a robin is a sign of Spring. A few days ago there were several flocks of geese flying north. The weather the past few days has been sunny and perfect. Rain is in the forecast which is okay with me just so it isn't snow. I'm not holding my breath though. We have had six inches of snow in May before.

The pictures show that most of the snow is melted. Of course in our area there is always little clumps of snow that linger on when all the snow has melted in the valleys. At least we can travel most of the roads.

It won't be long before the hummers start hanging around. I will start putting the feeders out the end of April. Feeding those amazing creatures is a full time job. I usually go through at least a gallon of hummer food a day. I should probably start buying sugar now. Last summer I used 10 lbs. a week. Here is a neat link on Hummingbirds:

It's time to get started with some Spring cleanup. UGH. So much for my winter hibernation. Hope you all have a good Spring.

By the way....I am thrilled to have high speed internet back. The pictures loaded in seconds. I enjoy posting this blog but I'm lacking subject matter. So if anyone has a story to post let us know. Thanks. Leetonia Lee logging off.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Country computer

You will have to double click on this picture to see it. It was sent to me by my brother and it reminds me so much of where we live. I talked to Lee today and she said the DSL is up and running so I guess she has no excuse not to post.
I guess the snow is melting fast so by the time I get back it will hopefully be all gone.
I am working hard getting my son's bathroom finished out here. It turned into a bigger project then originally thought as such poor previous work made it a complete tear out. It is a large area 10' x 12' and I am hand building a tile shower and all tile floors so it is labor intensive. Hope to be back soon and smell the mountain air again. City life is not for the mountain girl. Logging off in San Diego, California missing Leetonia.

Monday, March 15, 2010

March Road Conditions

We have had mixed weather conditions. Last week lots of sun and temps in the 50's and then it rained for days with highs in the 40's. The creeks are all full with lots of white water. Great for rafting. Starting tomorrow (Tuesday) the highs will be back in the 50's for most of the week. Yeah!!!

Most of the snow has melted. The road from Leetonia to Cedar Run is drivable without chains or 4 wheel drive. A couple spots have packed snow but there are tire ruts that go down to the dirt. One of those spots is at the curve by the waterfall at Red Rock. Watch out for the mud in spots. Be careful on the road between the bridge at Mine Hole and the Bobcat camp. As you head toward Mine Hole the road breaks away on the right.

The unploughed roads in the state forest are down to the dirt in spots. There is still packed snow in parts but I think most of it will be gone by the weekend. I haven't traveled on any of them but I could see some of the roads when I drove by while on Leetonia Road. There are vehicle tracks on them so they might be drivable.

The pictures are Pine Creek at Blackwell. It is so serene and quiet right now. Not a soul was around.

Our DSL is down so we have dial-up temporarily which is so slow and unpredictable. (UGH!) I've got dumped several times. I can't believe I'm going to get this to post. It goes to show how spoiled we get when technology improves. When dial-up first came out every one was so amazed. Now it seems like the dark ages.

Paula is in San Diego remodeling her son's bathroom. She might be back on the 24th but she says it doesn't look to promising. Hopefully she'll be back by the end of March. The boys and I are hanging in there. They will be happy when the sun comes out again so we can go for a walk.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone that comes up in the Spring. We hope you all had a good winter. I know everyone is looking forward to nice weather.

Leetonia Lee signing off.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Fire at Lundgren's House

This picture was taken by Natalie Kennedy of the Wellsboro Gazette. This picture was taken well into the fire and you can see all that was left was the front porch.
According to the report Sandi Lundgren heard the smoke detectors go off and called the Antlers Inn her business. One of her employees could see flames shooting through a back window. Lundgren exited the building through the front porch and was unharmed.
The fire that consumed the Antlers Inn was on May 9th 2006 a month after her husband died. Definitively a tragedy all around.