Monday, September 28, 2015

Let the Leaves begin

Every year about this time you can see bus loads of people coming up highway 15. They have a singular purpose to see the woods all dressed up in its finest glory before winter arrives. This is the time of apple cider and pumpkins. It has always been a time we cherish every warm day that comes our way because we know what is a head.  For Lee and I the past 13 years it has been a time of making sure we had enough firewood stacked to make it through the winter. And every Fall with the porches full I always felt rich. This year it will be different for us as we will not spend the winter in my most favorite place on earth. Instead, my home will become like so many others drained and cold through the winter. This was a hard decision for me as my work now is not close to the cabin but a hour away in Wellsboro.  The challenges of winter driving when you have a 8 am - 4 pm job daily did not align with staying at our home in Leetonia. But like the leaves who will soon drop we will be back again in the Spring.
What this means for many of you who depend on my winter road reports are that they will no longer exist. Also the road to our house will no longer be plowed. So it will return to a snowmobile trail and those who choose to drive will be going at the risk of getting stuck without an outpost of help. As with all things there are cycles. I will continue to write this blog as long as possible this Fall. And if any of you going up want to contribute email me and I will be glad to write it up. I will count on my extra eyes in the woods to keep track of things. Mountain girl, Paula logging off.