Saturday, October 26, 2013

First Snow and Bridge

We got our first snow this week along with much colder temperatures. Our mild October is ending with a early winter feel. The snow was barely enough to stick to the ground, but reminds us the heavy stuff will be here soon. We have a lot of firewood to spilt and stack yet and Lee has been working hard to get it under cover. Unfortunately for her, I picked up a full-time job in Coudersport and haven't been able to help as much as usual. 

They put the guard rails up around the bridge, which helps define the road a lot better. They haven't fixed the wash out on the yard yet and not sure if they will get it done before winter. Hopefully, they will be back for the flashing signs and cones. I am thinking of turning them off as they aren't really needed now that the rails are up and sitting sort of all over the place. I don't really like the inner city flashing light effect in the woods at night. I feel like I am living next to an all night bar.

Going to check on the progress of the trailer destruction today and see how it has been going. A lot of people up for the weekend. The cold hasn't scared them off. The cat has been housebroken and is looking for a new home if any of you are interested. He is a great cat and very affectionate, considering he was feral to start. Lee is allergic to cats so now that the house is closed up it is getting harder for her with him inside. She is willing to suffer for him as she felt bad about him being outside all winter. But, the dogs would be happy to see him go as well. He likes to chase Leo's tail and pushes Speck off Lee's lap. He is not at all intimated by the dogs and seems to enjoy torturing them. So contact me if you can provide a good home for Felix.

Have a great Leetonia weekend, Mountain girl Paula, logging out.