Sunday, August 3, 2014

The misty days of Leetonia

Trailer leaves the woods
For those of you interested in the trailer it has found a good home. We bid it farewell and remember the fun days of having friends stay there and enjoy the woods. We still have the deck for sale and some leftover steel roofing. Also anyone wanting a full RV hook-up where the trailer used to sit it is for rent by the day, month or season. Contact me at for more info.

On to other subjects I wish my camera could have caught the picture the other night when I was driving home in the dark. It was a misty,foggy night. The water droplets hung on the trees in a way the light from my headlights made them glow. The fog kept my travel slow and shadows danced through the trees. On a night such as this alone in the woods, dark and foggy, your mind plays tricks on you. You think you see a bear or something moving ahead and when you reach it there is nothing. It makes you feel that something supernatural is out there. Your brain goes to wild-men or Bigfoot.  During the day it is easy to laugh at such folly of the mind. But I assure you the next time you are alone on such a night in the woods it isn't hard to go to a very dark and scary place. 

Usually, this kind of post would be a good Halloween post but it came early in August this year. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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