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Leetonia School Early 1900's

Leetonia School House that sat on Boneyard( currently Bonitz's Camp)
This is a picture which hangs on the wall inside the Bonitz camp. It doesn't have a date on it but I am guessing it is early 1900's. If any of you know the people in this picture we could nail it down closer. I know from my grandfather that the school closed in the early 1940's. The remains of the school were torn down in 1958 when the current Bonitz camp was built. Jack thinks they might still have the school bell somewhere. Not as many people seem to know about this school as the one near the graveyard was in more of the old pictures.

The school was divided into two pupil groups Primary and Intermediate.  According to a historical account Intermediate schools were for children who could write and speak English. Primary generally ages 4-7 for children just learning these skills. Although, some older immigrant children would end up in primary classes until they reached proficiency. 

I have a list of students at Leetonia that were in each of those categories during the 1905-6 school year.  I know there are a few of you whose relatives are in this list and I would be happy to hear from you.

Elk Township
Tioga County, Pennsylvania
1905 -1906
James Bailey Pres., Gustave Gross Secr’y, W.T. Schanbacher, Teas., J. F. Grimm, Lesslie Lockwood, William Kelly, W.R. Longstreet County Superintendent
Names of Pupils
Primary Department

Nellie Bailey
Bessie Bailey
Prudence Bailey
Anna Borden
Dessie Borden
Rupert Borden
Fred Cole Harold Daniels
Talbert Davis
Ora Fritchel
Danniel Goodwin
Owindlin Gilbert
Madge Gilbert
Barton Gilbert
Susie Gubbins
Joseph Hartman
Ella Hartman
Helen Husted
Floyd Johnson
Ruth Kelley
Willie Klinegardner
Eddie Klinegardner
George Lloyd
Harry Lloyd
Pearl Loucks
Rosa Loucks
Nellie Louchs
Richard Kuttner
Gladys Morse
Velma Morse
Robert Mattison
Mary Marzo
Pearl Meeker
Ludwig Nissler
Elsie Nissler
Eddie Naegely
Frances Pepper
Freida Rief
Freida Schwab
Mildred Schramm
Joe Sereno
Victor Sereno
Mildred Schramm
Mildred Warren

Intermediate Department

Vern Anderson
Catherine Bailey
Leo Bailey
Eddie Bailey
Florence Bordon
Warden Casbeer
Leon Campbell
Max Crumm
Earl Dobbs
Robert Dobbs
Blair Daniels
Mary Daniels
Adelia Davis
Florence Davis
Maisy Furman
Daisy Furman
Frank Kelley
Mary Kennedy
Bennie Loucks
Plamos Loucks
Jason Loucks
Bert Lockwood
Helen Low
Earl Morse
Fannie Morse
Nora Mattison
Jessie Misner
Yerson Misner
Henry Nissler
Marie Nissler
Cleon Goodwin
Colin Goodwin
Ursel Gorton
Delilah Gorton
George Husted
Wilbur Husted
John Huggler
Walther Huggler
Willie Huggler
Charlie Hartman
Earl Hartman
Albert Johnson
Alma Johnson
Albert Kuttner
Ida Kline
Chauncy  Klinegardner
Tina Klinegardner
Ada Klinegardner
Clark Kelly
Frank Naegely
Pauline Naegely
Harry Pepper
Ernest Robinson
Mable Robinson
Ervin Rief
Herman Schwab
Sophie Schwab
Lottie Schwab
Emma Schwab
Bertha Schwab
Otto Schramm
Edith Schramm
Clair Stickley
Wilmot Stickley
Wildah Stickley
William Starner
Walter Starner
Stella Starner
Mary Sereno
Olive Shegog

Thanks to the Bonitz family for letting me scan their photo and recreate the old list. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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