Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Maynard School inside finished

The inside of the Maynard School House is finished just in time for elections next week. I took pictures without any of the furniture in building so you can see walls easier.
The original furniture to be saved will be cleaned up and made useable before it is brought back in. In some cases this will involve a bit of work.
I got the blackboard that was under the slate board back up with the names of people on it. It has been sealed so no one can erase it. We placed it in a corner next to the other board.
There is still a bit of siding work to do on outside and the entire building will be repainted outside this summer.
The very last picture shows the rope hanging down from the attic where the bell is. It can be pulled to hear the bell tolling once again. I am very pleased with this project and look forward to all the voters seeing it as they come in to vote. The township has talked about having an open house some time, if they do I will post it. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.


rockhouse said...

Such a beautiful job you did on the school. Very, very impressive work!

I hope your dog is feeling better and there is no infection.

We have skunks in Colorado, but porcupines do live here, but much higher in elevation, and thankfully they don't visit us at 7500 feet.


Fred & Carol

elaine said...

Beautiful work, Paula! If you have an open house, that will be a great excuse to come to Red Rock! Not that we need any excuses to come, but we just moved and are still trying to get settled in. Big job after living in a big old farm house for nearly 30 years!
I love your posts! Keep 'em coming!