Saturday, May 28, 2011

More Storm Pictures

1. Cabin on 414
2. Gamble Run
3. Gamble Run
4. Blackwell shed crushed
5. 414 north of blackwell camp

Sorry for those of you seeing a blank post yesterday. I had internet just long enough to start and not finish. We have phone again today for however long so trying again. Beginning of 3rd day without electric. It is looking like we may make it through the entire memorial weekend without power.
Elmira, NY;Mansfield,Pa; and Blossburg, Pa also
heavily damaged. The worst of those being at coal festival going on at the time according to Williamsport Gazette report: " More than a dozen people were reported injured and thousands of people are without electricity after a violent storm -- perhaps a tornado -- moved through Tioga Thursday evening." They go on to say it was a miracle no one was killed. Wind lifted the portable stage off the ground. Ten huge trees fell up to 4-5 feet in diameter fell during the three minutes of the storm. One woman suffered cracked vertebrae and three teens had to be cut from their car after a tree fell on it.
Roads have been pretty much cleared of trees
but numerous telephone poles which have broken will make power restoration slow to some areas.
We are still on back up power today and I will post when we get power or any additional information.
Mountain Girl, Paula, logging out.

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