Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hummingbirds are back

Well, the hummingbirds came back a couple days ago. There are only a couple right now..the males who stake out their territory ahead of the females. Lee half-filled the feeders on May 1st and by the next day one was at the feeder.
Rain continues to be the normal. In fact, people are now counting the hours it doesn't rain. It makes for good canoeing, but little else. Most the fisherman had to fish on smaller streams last week as the water in Pine Creek was too high.
My pond in the back in nicely full. It is a shame that it leeches through the soil when we don't have rain. The only ways I know to stop that is

with an expensive liner made of rubber or clay. So for now we just enjoy it when it rains so we have enjoyed it a lot this month. I took the picture of the pond during a few hours of sun one day.
Trying to get the dogs and myself a nice walk everyday has been a challenge, but I squeaked on in today between showers. Speck, the Chihuahua is 2 for 2 on walks as far as finding nasty things to roll in. He is fast about it too. So he is also 2 for 2 walks on getting a bath. A much easier job on a 10 pound dog than a 100 pound dog like Scooter.
It is funny how even though the dogs are outside when we are here...they still want you to take them on a walk.
The bears are out and getting into things so watch your garbage. Lee Stover left his in the back of his pick-up and the bear redistributed it all over the mountain. I saw a second year cub along Leetonia road coming down Cedar Mountain yesterday. The first one I have seen since winter. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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