Saturday, January 22, 2011


Well, there is only one word for the weather...COLD. The faucet is on permanent drip to keep the lines from freezing the dogs are plastered to the fire and the wood is burning fast. In below zero weather, I will easily go through two plus carts of wood. It is a struggle to keep the cabin in the 60's you must constantly put wood in the fire. We got about 6 inches of snow yesterday and then the temperatures went down fast. Thor started barking at 4 am...the fire ran low. I came down and stoked it back up and he seemed happy. Days like this make it hard to want to do anything but sit close to the fire and read a book. Looks like at least 3 days of below zero weather is upon us.

The snowmobilers are out running the new snow and I am betting wishing it wasn't quite so cold. Although the heaters in the handle bars do help. I know in weather like this you don't want to be a passenger on a snowmobile. I rode behind Lee on a -10 night coming back from Cedar Run, it was so cold my facegaurd froze over. The air is blocked for the first person, but flows up over them and hits you in the face and down the back.

For those of you that live in warm climates a word to the wise. Don't call and tell me it is a bit cold today at 65 degrees. It doesn't warm us up anymore to know that. Mountain girl, Paula, loading firewood and logging out.

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