Monday, April 25, 2011

Rain, rain, rain

April has been so wet it is hard to get a thing done outside. The daffodils are up down at Cedar Run and I have some tulips poking through the ground up here. The bright light on the daffodils is Sun something we haven't seen a lot of this month.
Tonight it rained so hard I thought the whole mountain might come down. Lightening, thunder and wind added to the drama. I won't be able to tell much about what it looks like until daylight, but I know Pine Creek will be hitting some high levels in about three hours.
Pine Creek is already high it was up around 5.5 ft when we drove by earlier today so this rain will put a few places in the danger zone for sure. It seems like any roof that is old is leaking and it is impossible to have a car or truck that isn't covered in mud.
Today they worked on Leetonia Road down from the Cedar Crest camp to try and keep it from falling in the creek. I am wondering what the rain we had tonight will do to their work. It is supposed to be a two day project so you can expect the road to be closed again tomorrow.
I have tried to finish the outside of the schoolhouse all month and have pecked away at it one day at a time(for a total of three days). I have about one day left to get the last of the siding up around three of the windows. But when a dry day will be only God seems to know. The weather men throw in a day here or there, then at the last minute change it to rain. So if you are coming to camp bring rain gear and lots of cards. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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