Saturday, September 24, 2011

Progress on Narrows Construction

1st picture from North side of Narrows project looking South
2nd picture at bottom South side of Narrows project looking North
3rd picture South of Retaining wall forms looking North
4th picture North side of Narrows looking at finished part of retaining wall looking South
* This project is larger than it appears in these pictures!

If any of you have been as curious as me about the progress on narrows construction this is the blog post for you. I walked up to construction site today from the North side to see what they have been doing. From the creek it has been difficult to see much except some forms. Wow was I surprised. 
The project is much more involved than it appeared from a distance. The first picture is taken looking the same direction the creek flows to South. They have dug down at least sixteen feet to find something to attach a footing to that was solid. At this point they poured a large footing like slab at least 16" thick and extends from the edge of the drop to creek back to the mountain. This huge slab runs the entire distance which I estimate at around 100 yards.
They formed a thick  retaining wall on top the edge of this footing which you can see in next 3 pictures. This wall has the guard rail post attached to the top of it and drains on the side facing creek. After this wall is finished they will  back fill the entire hole to make the to roads reconnect. If you notice how much they have dug out on the first picture you can see how much they need to fill.
Although, I am impressed with how much they have done on this project. I see a lot more wall to be made. the retaining wall appears about a third done. Hopefully, this last part of pouring this wall to meet the other side of road will go faster than it looks so we can have our road back before winter. At this point I really doubt they will be done in November as promised. Let's just hope I am wrong and the weather stays good enough through December for the job to get done.  Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.


rockhouse said...

Great, great pictures ! It amazes me what an engineer and good construction company can accomplish, especially after seeing your earlier posting before they started....once completed. Wouldn't the old timers from the 1930's be amazed as well ? I'm certain Mom, Aunt Fran and their Dad would have loved for this road to be so nice, especially during the winter months. Keep the postings coming....much, much appreciated! Fred Jr.

elaine said...

We are some of those who are very interested in the progress of the project at the narrows. Thanks for posting! Hope to be up there again in two weeks over Columbus Day weekend.