Friday, June 8, 2012

Bear Soup

This is what I am calling, "Bear Soup." This mess came about when I was asked to dispose of about 50 cans of old, outdated food. The cans are heavy when they are full of food, so I thought why not dump them out and then I just have light cans to get rid of. It is 25 miles to the dump so light and compressed is always better. Well, I never imagined that combining things like: cream of mushroom soup, pineapple, chicken soup, tomatoes, beans, gravy,pickles, and cherry pie filling could be so ugly and make you not want to eat for days. With only half of the cans empty I filled a large trash container half full with this soupy mix. I wasn't about to bring this anywhere near my house so I found a nice one foot deep hole by the edge of the woods and left it. I am guessing it won't last long. Hope we don't have a sick bear staggering through the woods after eating this Bear Soup.

On a much prettier note I took a few pictures of the Mountain Laurel blooming on top of Cedar Mountain. I didn't want to leave you with such a bad image. So dwell on these last two pictures. Heading to Rattlesnake Roundup tomorrow in Morris. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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