Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Leetonia spared from Sandy's Wrath

Speck weathering the storm comfortably 

Only tree down between Leetonia and Cedar Run

View from bridge in Cedar Run Creek 5.5 ft

We missed the bullet from Sandy. So far rain has been well under 3 inches and wind did not seem to do any significant damage, since most the leaves were off the trees, I believe this helped keep the amount of trees coming over road small. Also wind came out of N, which runs parallel to our main road to Cedar Run, which I think kept the trees from falling over the road.
We did loose power last night and it hasn't been restored as of the time of this post. Our phone and internet are still working so we are good to go. The generator is running good, although, I never like running it long since it is so noisy. Last time we had power out for a week it made me crazy to listen to it. If you have a propane one they are a lot quieter.
It is still raining today and they are calling for more wind, but most of the warnings are down for this area. The coast was not nearly as lucky and viewing those pictures reminds us all how bad it could have been and how lucky we were to have missed large rainfalls and even higher winds.
Anyone coming to their camps this weekend should be fine. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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