Sunday, June 23, 2013

Colorful Walk

Multifloria Rose

Leo and Speck sitting in Mountain Laurel

Robins Plantain

Eastern Red Columbine

Cooling off
This is the time of year for flowers, color and a bit of heat. The Mountain Laurel is peaking this weekend, although not as good as other years will probably be around for another week or two. The Multifloria Rose, which I hate because of its ability to take over everything and make passage difficult, does smell good and adds a white blanket to the area. It serves to provide cover for the grouse, turkey and rabbits, keeping them safe from predators.
The Robin's plantain is about 16" to 24" inches high and varies in color from white to the violet fringed one I took a picture of above. I guess Speck didn't want to be left out of that picture and manage to be there at the right time. 
The last flower above is the Eastern Red Columbine and is very pretty its flowers are falling fast and I doubt you will see any more of these after this weekend. They aren't as plentiful as some of the other flowers but their red color is an eye catcher. 
On my walk this morning at 7:30 am it was already humid and getting hot. A bear was laying in the shade at the neighbors camp eating some handouts and didn't seem to be bothered by us passing on the road. I kept an eye on the dogs and made sure they didn't notice the bear. Speck the Chihuahua would have probably been the most aggressive about its appearance. Leo hasn't had good luck with bears in the past and doesn't care for them much either. 
By the time we finish 4 miles of walking Leo is exhausted and often jumps into the cold creek and lays down into it. He knows how to cool off fast. Speck has no interest in water especially cold water.
Keep an eye out for fawns they aren't as experienced with the road and are walking around quite a bit lately. Seems like we are moving into warm and wet weather for the coming week. Enjoy the summer. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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