Sunday, December 15, 2013

Snow blankets Leetonia

Sunday morning we awoke to eight inches of new snow on the ground. This is our first significant snowfall this year. I spent about two hours clearing two different driveways and sidewalks. My neighbor lets me use his four-wheeler plow combo in exchange for clearing his drive. It works pretty well in snow under six inches, but I had to take more than a few swipes to push the eight inch snow off and got stuck more than a few times. I guess that is what I pay for waiting until most the snow was over. 

The township is plowing to the front of my house only so if you don't have four-wheel drive and chains don't go into the unplowed woods. If you get stuck you will be lucky to find anyone willing to come back and pull you out and if they do it will cost you a pretty penny.

It has been quiet without a sound today, not even a snowmobiler. Of course legally they aren't allowed on the State Forest Roads until after deer season this much snow does bring a few out. The dogs always think they want to come out with me until they realize it is cold and hard to walk then they are back at the door begging to go inside.  We are supposed to get some more flurries this afternoon. I am hoping not enough to plow again.

The snow always looks so pretty on the trees. Too bad it makes it so difficult to travel. The best part of winter is not having to go anywhere and staying inside next to a warm fire enjoying an occasional cup of hot chocolate. Of course some sledding or X-country skiing is good too. Have a great snow day. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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