Sunday, January 12, 2014



Ice road

2 of 6 Turkeys on the hill
As I listened to the rain fall last evening, I knew we were in store for some bad roads. The ground is very frozen from our below zero weather last week and the rain didn't stay liquid long when it hit the earthen ice-cube. Our driveway is an ice-skating rink leading down to the road which isn't in much better condition. Just looking at it makes the muscles in my chest tighten in preparation for driving over the mountain. 

My least favorite weather: chain and cleats for your shoes weather. Falling can result in a nasty bone break, muscle strain or worse a head injury. Driving on this is like floating on a boat in the wind without a rudder. I am hoping the township brings some more cinders down before I need to leave for work tomorrow morning. This is the kind of weather it is really better to stay home, wish I had that option. 

Before we got the rain, Lee saw about six turkeys walking on the side of the mountain next to our house. They eat the seeds on the weeds stretching their necks high to reach any seed still left for the taking. They seem to like the Multifloria Rose berries as much as any thing they can find. You may have to look close to see them as their color blends into the patches of brown against the snow.

I wouldn't recommend anyone coming back here unless they have to. It is not going to be fun traveling until we either get some more snow on top this ice or it all melts in March or April. The temperatures are about ten degrees lower back here than what the forecast shows for the area because of the snow cover and the mass of very frozen ground keeping the air temperatures low. As always be prepared for any emergency if you do come back. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.


Sandye said...

Hope you and Lee can stay safe in the upcoming week! Take Care!

Anonymous said...

Hello Lee and Paula, Hope your staying warm up there. I always read your blogs, it keeps me in the know of what is happening around the area up there. I also just had to tell you driving on that ice is no fun. My son and I were up at the camp for first week of deer, Its camp 414 down near the bridge at slate run. We stayed down in the lower parts most of the week and temps. were to get up in the mid 50's with rain, so I thought here is our only chance to get up on top. Well we started up Gamble run rd. early chains on, I should have turned back, but being stubborn I kept going up to the top with much diffeculty. We made up to the flats on top. Its a total ice, like a tabogin run. We hunted till 11:30 and it started to rain. So we walked back to the truck and decided to continue on out reynoldspring rd. BIG Mistake! We did make it down the mountain. I was affraid of starting to slide and not being able to stop. Well if you know the road im talking about it goes up the other side of another mountain, I didn't even make it a 100 yards and lost traction. I was side ways in the road. I used my e-break and pedle break to back down and get of to the side. We sat for an hour and a half, till this young fellow in a ford ranger 4x4 with chains on his front wheels coming down the mountain, we tried to get up. He stopped and asked if we needed help, So we hooked up and he pulled us to the top, then it was all down hill from there, what a nurve racking time for the next 2 hours, I was trying to keep my truck from free falling down the mountain, we finaly get down to bear run rd. and lower elevation, the ice was breaking up on the road, after 4 hours of driving we made it back to slate run. WARNING! do not atemp to drive on the ice even if you have 4 wheel drive, chains are a must! Sorry for posting such a long note but people need to know the danger, lucky we made it back and not down the side of the mountain. Well take care and stay warm! Glenn from camp 414

eaglebear said...

It only takes one bad experience to really understand how bad the roads get.