Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 begins

2015 begins with the weather still in flux. One day it is in the 40's and the next we are cold again. This has kept the road down to Cedar Run mostly open. There was a small land slide just after the Bobcat camp that made it a little tricky going through. A couple days ago I noticed the State put up cones, but has yet to remove the rubble. It is alright to go over with a regular sized vehicle, but if you have a large dually or trailer bigger than the wheel base of a car I would stay clear of it until they get a backhoe up to get the rock moved. The landslide happened a couple days before Christmas when we had above normal temperatures and rain. It makes you drive very close to a steep vertical drop down to the creek. From past experience going over the side in a vehicle, I would recommend it.
Today we are having wintery mix a word I have learned to hate. It means anything from freezing rain to snow. We have had a small covering of what I could best label as falling ice crystals as you see from picture above. They are calling for very warm weather tomorrow so it will probably melt. Next week is going to give us 3-5 inches of snow followed by a dip back into cold temperatures.
Many of you have been wandering why I haven't posted more. I have a job that takes me some distance away during the week and have been playing catch up over the weekend. I would much rather be hibernating in Leetonia through the winter. Lee and I are looking forward to a great new year in 2015 and hope you all will enjoy it as well. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

P.S. For those of you interested in some bare land in Leetonia, I am putting the acreage you see in this picture across the road back on market. It is about 5 acres. Click link under links on left to see listing.

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Pianoman said...

Great to hear from you again. I was wondering what happened to you. Glad to hear you are well. Be careful on those roads.
Piano Man (from Peter's Camp)