Thursday, August 13, 2015

Chimney Rock View of the World

Hunter(my nephew) pretending to fall.

Chimney rock is known only to the few who have dared climb the mountain to stand on it. As you are driving south on 414 just about 1/3 of a mile before you get to the Cedar Run Creek bridge if you look carefully on the side of the mountain you will see a outcropping of rock shaped like a chimney. It is easier to see when the leaves have fallen. The climb is treacherous, steep slope of loose rocks varying from about a 30 degree slope to close to a 60 degree slope. It can take a good hour to get to the top unless you are in excellent shape.  It is sort of a blind climb as you can not really see the rock as you are climbing. I like having a rope not so much for the way up, but for the way down to keep from going too fast down. The pictures were taken a few years back when my nephew was a bit younger than now. Also as you can see it keeps brave children from causing their aunt to be a bit nervous when they are close to the edge. Don't climb when wet or icy or you may not come back in one piece...although I know a person who if they read this know who they are that climbed in multiple times on New Years Eve. I would say don't ever do that. Climb on a cooler day as it will take all of your strength and the heat will add to the difficulty.
Once you get to the top the world is yours. You feel like you are flying over Pine Creek. You can see Cedar Run below you and if you are brave enough to be at the edge there isn't anything that matches the quiet breeze and view. I often felt like an eagle soaring so much that you think you could step off and fly with them. But don't do that either unless you suddenly sprout wings you will only have a few seconds to enjoy the view. I am feeling it is time for another trip up there soon when the weather cools and I have a good supply of water for the climb. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.
Hunter and his sister Abbey point to Chimney Rock

Top of Chimney Rock...Hunter

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CS in Mich said...

Back in the mid-eighty's I hiked Misner Hollow, took a left and went up the mountain, and then down the gas pipeline down to the road that leads to Cushman View. Then hiked back to a camp that was/is there to this day. Was a great hike.

Then I did the same 'hike' on a mountain bike with my girlfriend at the time (now my wife).

I love this area in Pennsylvania and I come back to it a couple times a year - more if I can make it. Have learned Slate and a portion or Cedar Runs. And the fishing on Pine isn't too shabby either.

Really like the posts on this blog - please continue. Really like hearing the stories and history.

I have visited the Leetonia Cemetery in the Spring when the grasses and brush is minimal. Must have been a very sad town when disease came through. I saw so many infant graves of very young age. :(

Please keep writing about the area - and Thank You for your effort.

CS in Mich