Saturday, January 2, 2016

Hike to Sand Run Falls

Top of Sand Run Falls

Rope down to Falls

Sand Run Falls
You know the old saying, "You don't know what you've got til it is gone," is so true. Now that I can't just walk out the door of the cabin and go for a hike. I have to drive to get back into the woods. Drove down to just outside of Arnot and walked down to Sand Falls. It is a very beautiful falls and pretty easy to get to. It is on the Mid State trail and I am sure quite a treat for any hikes doing the complete trail. I walked on a bit of a short cut to falls which was about a 1.5 to get to falls all downhill at a fairly gradual pace until you get to the falls. At that point there is a rope to help slow your descent down to the falls and help you climb back up the about 25 foot drop. It was just under freezing today and a very light snow, but quite warm for this time of year. I enjoyed my visit with nature and will be going up to camp tomorrow to check on things and who knows do another little walk up the mountain. My job change that doesn't require the kind of physical labor I was doing before I moved to town has put a few extra pounds on the mountain girl so time to walk them off and what better place than in the mountains and woods I love. Mountain girl, logging out.

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