Friday, June 8, 2007

Back to the woods

June is a month were everything is green and color comes alive in the woods. Traveling down the road yesterday, I noticed the change from the leafless trees of winter to the green canopy of summer. It feels as though you are traveling in another world. The temperature drops 10 degrees from the heat of town and the trees block the sun and the outside world from your eyes and thoughts. The ferns blanket the sides of the mountain and the blackberries are promising to be abundant with their display of flowers.
This weekend is the Laurel Festival and some of the mountain laurel started blooming on Cedar Mountain about two days ago. It seems from year to year to be a surprise as to whether or not it will be a glorious or minimal display. The abundant flowers are like white and pink snow across the tops of the mountain; it is very beautiful.
I took a few pictures for you to enjoy of the colorful yellow finches outside our kitchen window and some blue flowers along side the road which are abundant in sunny areas. They seemed to be
mixed with white flowers and look better than any planned display covering large areas with their blooms. I attempted to look them up in my flower book, but don't seem to be finding a match. If any of you know the name of this flower let me know.

For now I am fully joyful driving through the woodlands of Leetonia. Mountain Girl, Paula, Logging out.

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