Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Lee has sixteen feeders up. It is very difficult to get them to cooperate with being filmed, but here is a small taste. The sound you hear in the background is rain dropping on a piece of tin. She fills the feeders each day and they buzz around like bottle rockets. They eat 50-60 times per day and can fly backwards...the only bird who can do this. They are feisty little birds often sparring with each other. They have even been know to chase eagles. The are able to go into a kind of hibernation at night to conserve energy and fly as much as 2500 miles south in the winter. Because of their incredible abilities they are known as a symbol of accomplishing that which seems impossible. Something we need to be reminded of a lot when trying to live in such a hard area as Leetonia to make a living. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out and accomplishing the impossible.

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