Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Report from the Forest

The mountain laurel started blooming this last week and it looks like it is going to be real good on Cedar Mountain up from our house on Leetonia Rd. I am surprised it is doing so well after that hard freeze the first part of May. It seems a bit early so maybe it likes cold weather.
The water level in Pine Creek dropped all the way down to 1.6 ft after a week of dry weather and hungry plants. We got a real soaker last night and the creek popped back up to 2.25 ft. It really takes a 2 ft mark to canoe with out a lot of scrapping so today would be great. It won't last long above 2ft if the rain doesn't continue but there are several rain storms listed for the week
so you never know.
The fisherman at Blackwell, took advantage of the low water and were wading out over the weekend. It was a bit hot and very buggy for Memorial weekend, but the rain held off allowing people plenty of time to have their memorial day picnics. There were a lot of people up to their camps enjoying some of the natural beauty of the area.
The last picture I took while traveling around the woods on Francis Road just off Slate Run Rd. The bridge is closed a few miles down the road, and it is very bumpy with potholes, however the views made up for it.
There are a couple of overviews on that road that have the old log rails they used to use on all the
overviews. The day was a bit hazy but you can
see the late freeze damage on the trees as you look down the valley.
If you have never been down this road and don't mind bumps and turning around at the bridge it is a beautiful drive. I can thank the Census Bureau for funding my drive up there. I don't usually travel roads that have bridges out.
It got a little dusty over the weekend with all the traffic of camp goers, but the rain has washed the air clean and it has that great forest smell today. Since the sun is staying under clouds it is also pleasant temperatures in the low 70's.
Have a great Leetonia day! Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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