Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Breakins along Painter Leetonia Rd.

Two cabins were broken into last week and another cabin had a metal glider and propane tank walk away. The cabins that were broken into nothing was taken. It is a mystery as to why someone would break in and then not steal anything. Keep your eyes open for suspicious activity. Report it at once to State Police or DCNR if you own a State Leased camp.
We got a heck of a storm Saturday for my birthday. Tornado warnings were issued for Cedar Run, Leetonia and Gaines around 7PM. We were visiting Penn's Cave and noticed the heavy storm driving back. We had no idea it was serious until we got to the intersection of 44 and 414. The road was blocked due to down tree and power lines. This caused us to detour through Black Forest to Slate Run Rd. and back to 414. It was foggy and still raining so the travel visibility was poor. We made it back around midnight and found a message on the machine about the tornado warning.
We didn't notice anything bad in Leetonia. It seemed trees were knocked down in different areas in small groups. Wilson Hill Rd and 414 had one of these and took power off the poles in about four places. I guess South of Galeton was bad, but no major damage or injuries.
I can tell you the worst place to be is driving through the forest in a wind storm. I am reminded of a fellow who got stuck on Cedar Mountain road one night when a tree fell in front of him and as he went to turn around one fell behind him. He got to spend then night until a friend of mine found him with a chain saw the next day.
I am always glad we don't have any big trees near the house. When the wind rips through the woods you can hear trees fall and it is an erie sound. All is safe in Leetonia. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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Pianoman said...

Thanks for the update, Paula. We're coming up this week for 8 days. Maybe we'll get a chance to stop in.
Dave (Peter's Camp)