Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Storm dumps tree on Cabin

Lee, I and my mom who is visiting from Iowa went to Williamsport today shopping. While we were there a bad thunderstorm hit with high winds. My thoughts always start thinking about getting back to cabin.I didn't bring the chain saw and knew if the winds hit at home as strong as Willliamsport, I might have problems getting back.
As we were traveling up 414 after Waterville and just before we got to Jersey Mills we saw Mariano's log cabin holding up a couple of white pines. Since they were there I stopped and asked them about it. Mr. Mariano said he had been at a doctor's appointment when Johnny Stoltzfus saw the trees on his house and called him.
Mr Mariano's believes if his house would have been anything but full logs it would have given way to the weight of the trees. The tree trimmers were on their way to remove the trees when I took these pictures.
As we came farther North there seemed to be less debris on the road and nothing for us to remove all the way home. Ron, my step dad who had stayed at home said we had hardly gotten any rain and no wind. You never can tell even in a short distance here about the difference in weather. But I was happy to get home without a hitch. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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