Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall is here

I took this picture off the bridge at Cedar Run looking South. It was getting a bit dark so it is a little hard to see the color changes, but they have already started. Seems like many of the trees are changing and losing their leaves quickly so I am not sure the fall color will be very good this year.
The creek is very low and you can walk across it almost everywhere. We have had a very dry summer and so far the rain we get has been light.
The second picture is something I found funny. As I was driving in to get some lumber, a flagman stopped me for some road construction. I couldn't help but laugh and the combination he wore.
The required blaze orange top to be seen, but his
pants were camouflage. Clearly, a contrasting message did he want to be seen or not? The conclusion is up to you. I did ask him about his attire and his reply was: "They only said I had to wear this top."
This one will go under my file, "Only in the Pennsylvania wilds." Lee didn't think this was as funny as I did. Guess I am easily amused. Well, its back out to cut firewood. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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Anonymous said...

I think the flagman is trying to mimic the autumn trees around him --- the camouflage pants are akin to the grays and greens of tree bark; his hat, flag, and shirt are like the colorful leaves on a maple tree. He's really making a fashion statement!