Sunday, October 3, 2010

Water, wood and weather

The last day of September, mother nature tried to catch up on the rain all in one day. We had four inches of rain. Pine creek started at around 1 foot high and went to 7 foot in a matter of a eight hour period. It is now back down around 2.84 nice day for a canoe trip. The first picture was taken on Oct 1st in the morning at Cedar Run.
We are busy cutting, splitting and stacking wood for the winter. It got down to 30 the other night and I awoke to a white frosty substance covering the grass. A little reminder winter isn't far away. It is hard when it goes from eighty to thirty, but the change in weather always seems to do that to us.
I am a little over half way through my tri-axle load of logs. I have about 30 left to cut. Those will be used next year as they have to dry. Although, I did notice a few dead logs that might be useable this year. The load they delivered was mostly ash and beech. Those will dry much faster than oak, but not burn as hot. The red oak we have for this winter has dried for about 3 years, which seems to be about right for that wood. It is very slow to cure, but a good burner once it does.
The trees are changing and dropping leaves, which doesn't make for long color. Spring and Fall are some of the nicest times of year here cause the bugs aren't hanging around. The color is
pretty in Fall, but, with winter around the corner, seems to put a bit of a damper on it. Spring heralds the end of snow so I lean towards liking it the best.
If anyone feels like they need a bit of extra exercise feel free to come bye and split some wood. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out and starting the chain saw.

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