Saturday, October 16, 2010

Turtle Camp

This picture was sent to me by Jeff Keys who has a place on Painter Leetonia Rd. It was taken sometime late 60's or early 70's of the Turtle Camp also on Painter Leetonia Rd.
The turtle camp got its name from all the turtle shells hanging from the camp. The camp has fallen over since this picture and there is a trailer behind it. A little reminder nothing lasts forever.
If you have any old pics of camps feel free to email them to me I will be happy to include them in this blog.
Mountain girl, Paula, logging off.


Anonymous said...

I remember the Turtle Camp. Drove past it very often and did not realize it is now gone.

eaglebear said...

It isn't gone totally but falling fast.

Todd D. said...

Did you know that 12 guys used to sleep in there during hunting season? My (extended) family are part owners of the cabin. I remember going up there as a kid. I still remember helping my cousins put the trailer in and seeing Rambo later that night in Wellsboro at the movie theater. Highlights included my brother accidently shooting out the window in the Datsun station wagon with his BB Gun. My sister almost running over a rattlesnake while mowing the lawn. But the best part was when we were kids and my Dad would get out of the car first when we arrived and got his gun to "check the back of the cabin for bears." We all got excited. Naturally there was never a bear. And then one time he checked he came runing back to the car "Theres a bear! Theres a bear!" Great times. Now I take my young family up there and they love it. (However we stay at acccommodations with indoor plumbing). Thanks for this blog. Its great to know whats going on up there!