Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall and Firewood

Well I finished cutting the Tri-axle load of wood today. It will be about 10 full cords when split and stacked. Since this wood is for next year I can take my time splitting it, although I would like to have it done by late Spring so it can dry out good during the summer sun.
The wood for this year is neatly stacked under the two porches around the house to keep it out of the snow and rain. We will use up the wood by Spring and once again complete the cycle necessary to keep the house warm during the winter. We generally burn any where from 6 to
8 cords of firewood each winter.
My brother, Rob, was up over the weekend and I took him to the Leonard Harrison canyon view. You can see by the picture down the canyon that most of the leaves are gone from the trees. It was a brisk day and it is always windy at the overlook.
The smell of firewood burning in the cabins over the weekend was thick in the air. It reminds us winter is not far off.
I like my winters with snow. Snow you can ski on not ice. But so many winters we get snow and then it melts and freezes into an ice slick. The worst is freezing rain. This turns our tricky narrow roads into a nightmare. There isn't a person up here that doesn't have a story of a frightening slow trip down the mountain roads.
The slow economy gave a bit of a punch to all the businesses around here. Most aren't doing too good except for the ones who have picked up some of the gas workers business. We are all hoping next year will be the end of empty pockets. But regardless, people who leave here are used to tough times and they will make it through better than most. One thing no one can take away from us is this beautiful country we live in. On a cool day with the sun shining through the forest, breathing the scent of pine you feel rich indeed. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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