Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall drive up Cedar Mountain

It was a beautiful day today in the woods of Pa. The day started with a hard frost and as the air warmed the vapors from the melting frost formed clouds in the valleys. Then the sun burned everything off and we were left with a beautiful blue sky background the the colorful trees.
The ladybugs haven't been too bad yet, although they have been known to come on warm October days with a vengeance. The leaves are falling fast and the bucks are moving quickly in search of mates for next year's fawns.
The bucks will burst across the road in front of you almost anytime of day searching for that special doe. The archers are out looking as well for that perfect buck. Tomorrow and Friday looks like rain and I even heard some nasty rumors of snow. But the weekend looks dry and perfect for campers looking to have some fun before winter. I will probably be cutting the rest of my logs over the weekend. With each leaf that falls its a reminder that summer is over and winter will soon be here. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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