Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wet weather continues

Well, we have had a streak of wet weather since last Saturday. Everything I planned on doing outside has been put on hold. It looks like tomorrow it will be dry enough to bring the electric tools back out and finish some projects. I have a porch I am putting on in Cedar Run. It will have a steel roof and it is nice to get steel done before we have any ice or snow. There is nothing slipperier than a wet or icy steel roof.
The dogs have not liked this rainy weather much and have spent most of their time sleeping on the couch. They run out for a bit and right back in. I am sure they will be glad for a sunny day too.
The deer have all changed colors to their winter brownish-gray coat. I have seen quite a few small deer moving around and a lot of turkey. I suspect the small ones are this year's fawns, freshly out of their spotted coats.
I haven't made any progress on my wood pile for the last few days either. I have about twenty full logs left to cut up into short pieces. Once they are shorter they will dry faster even if we don't get them all split before winter. Driving through the woods even in the rain is beautiful right now with all the color. I am sure it will even be nicer when the sun comes back. Looks like the weekend will be dry but cool with temps not getting much out of the 60's and mostly in the upper 50's for highs. The creek is up above 3...great for you experienced canoers, I would expect the water to drop to a nice level for most people to have a great time in the creek this weekend. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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