Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hummingbirds are at their Peak

The hummingbird babies have hatched and are feeding vigorously. Lee has 15 feeders around the house and while she is gone helping my mother I am in charge of keeping them full. The first day they went through 4 gallons of fluid. That is ten pounds of sugar to make the 4 gallons. Every feeder was emptied by the hungry birds. Looks like I will be running to the store for more sugar. The feeders were again half-empty this morning.
We only have a couple weeks of heavy use by the birds then the males will start leaving around the end of the month. Even with fifteen feeders you can often see 8 to 10 birds around each feeder in the evening. We truly live in a humming bird hive. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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Ruth said...

You seem to be an oasis for them up there. We have more garden attractions for them down here in Lebanon County which is why we don't see the high numbers of hummers that you have. Your hummers seem to be more tolerant of each other. Down here all they do is squabble for 'ownership' of the feeders. I like to think they remember where the feeders are when they come back in the spring. I was late getting mine out this spring when I saw them buzzing my hanging spots sans feeders! Thanks for sharing!