Thursday, December 15, 2011

Narrows Finished!

The narrows project on 414 is finally done. They opened the road yesterday only six weeks past the time they had estimated. I had guessed Dec 1st back in October so I was a bit closer.
It is a far cry from the half falling off road we are used to.
I did notice it makes other parts of the road coming up to this one look much worse. Since it took 20 years for them to really fix this part I am not holding my breathe on anything else getting done.
It got to 51 degrees today in the middle of December. I am not complaining as I am still working on the job at Slate Run, which is only 13 miles from me when the road is open. But once the snow closes the road it will be over 50 miles to go around.

Things are quiet up here as they get once the hunters and tourists go. It is easy to get used to the quiet and not want to be around anyone even in a small city like Wellsboro. But with Lee being gone for over five weeks, I will admit I am looking forward to someone to talk to again. She is coming home this weekend, and I have already been warned that she is not up to working on the first day back. I guess watching a two-year old for 5 weeks tends to wear you out a bit.

So Saturday I have to make the house look like I haven't been living in it alone for five weeks. That will be an all day the dogs have to all be bathed. No one will escape the cleanup. Lost power this morning for a few hours a tree decided to fall randomly. When trees fall in the woods and you don't hear them; they still knock out the power.

I got the grand kids presents sent, which other than some things I made for Lee is all I am doing this year. It is funny how once you get older the things you want either so small you get them along the way or so big you can't afford them. Course the one thing I wanted the most is Lee to be home for Christmas and it looks like I am getting my wish. After all the holidays are about sharing time with your family, friends and the ones you love. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.


rockhouse said...

Thanks for the posting and wonderful picture. Such an engineering accomplishment to solve a difficult situation. So glad Lee is coming home for Christmas so you don't go too batty over the holidays. Enjoy yourselves......

Your Friends in Colorado,
Fred and Carol

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your blog this year. Wondered why it had no mention your class reunion.