Thursday, January 19, 2012

Road and weather conditions as of 1-19-12

CAUTION!!!! Today Paula drove down Leetonia Road to RT 414 in the Subaru with cable chains. She called me from Slate Run to let me know that she would not be going back that way. The roads are ice covered in most places. Paula said you would have to have ice cleats and nerve's of steel to maneuver on the ice. Maybe a bulldozer would suffice.

It is snowing as of this writing but we are only expecting an inch or so today. Late Friday night a snow system is supposed to be moving in with some (????) accumulation of snow. The snow will help with the layer of ice but it will still be tricky.

Make sure you are prepared if you decide to venture up this weekend. The road is maintained on Leetonia Road from Cedar Mountain Road to Elk Run Road heading towards Route 6. There is also ice on that part of Leetonia Road even with the cinders so take extra care.

The other mountain girl (Lee) signing off.

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