Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wellsboro ER Open House

Wellsboro Soldiers and Sailors hospital had a open house of their new emergency room today so Lee and I went. We figured since we were such frequent visitors we wanted to see the new area without an emergency involved. There was a lot of interest as you can see from the line outside the building. The room is scheduled to open at 4 am this Tuesday. I guess that is an low emergency hour. In fact, they said their busiest time is between 3 pm and 11pm daily. So plan your emergencies around that if you don't want company.
It is such an upgrade from the old room; 16 beds, and a division between the trauma patients brought in by ambulance and the walk-ins. A large office space in middle of rooms, which circle the area. A tube transport system for blood and other tests that goes directly to lab. They have all sorts of big screen information boards all over the place so it is very 21st century. It looks like you can pretty much lay in one bed and be examined for just about anything. I can tell you it is much more fun to look at the equipment when you aren't hurt. I am hoping by going there in one piece this counts as my annual emergency visit.

On a sadder note. Longtime resident of Slate Run, Dottie Weber, passed on a couple days ago. She was 89. Her and her husband Bob Weber lived in an non-electric camp in the middle of the mountain far from the regular road. Bob is a retired Forest Ranger and I believe that is why they let him stay at the leased camp. Usually, it is forbidden to make a leased State camp a permanent resident. They couple is well known in Slate Run, I am sure Bob will miss Dottie's company, but no one expects him to leave his piece of heaven soon.

Mountain girl, Paula, logging off.


Ruth said...

Is Dottie the lady featured in an article in Mountain Home magazine a few years back? I found that article extremely interesting. I wish I could have met her.


rockhouse said...


We are happy for "you & Lee" and those neighbors who may need these facilities. It's a great addition to the community!!!

Now...."don't ever use it"!


Anonymous said...

Just to clarify things about the status of the Webber's cabin -- Bob's father owned several hundred acres on the ridge between Naval Run and Little Slate Run. Bob and his brother built the log cabin on that land and Bob and Dotty lived there for 50 years. In the mid 1970's Bob's father sold his land to the Commonwealth and retained a life estate for Bob and Dotty on ten acres which included the cabin.
You are correct about leased campsites, they cannot be used as permanent residences.