Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Bunny barely escapes death!

It is dangerous being an Easter Bunny in Leetonia. The poor Bunny barely escaped death this morning delivering peeps to the Mountain girls.

A rattlesnake attempting to attack the Easter Bunny was thwarted when the Easter Bunny threw a peep into his mouth and as the rattlesnake gummed his way through the peep the Easter Bunny was saved.

Thank goodness cause I would have missed all the great stuff the Easter Bunny brought us this morning.

Looks like a chilly start to the day at 29 degrees this morning but the sun is warming it up fast and it looks to be another nice day on the mountain. Have a great Leetonia Easter Day. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.


Sandye said...

I'm so very glad the Easter Bunny was thinking fast this morning!

rockhouse said...

Is that a real rattler snake ?