Saturday, May 12, 2012

Where I have been.

So much to catch up on since my Easter Blog. As many of you know Lee's nephew was going through treatments for Luekemia for the last year and a half. Much of our time has been devoted to trying to help as much as we could. Neal unfortunately at 18 years of age succumbed to his disease while I have been in San Diego visiting my son who I haven't seen for a couple years. Lee is on her way to the funeral in Illinois and I will be meeting her there next week. Neal was courageous in his battle and attitude for life and it is never easy to say good bye to one so young.

On the other side of the country I have been enjoying some time off from work with my son, Hal. He introduced me to a series of videos about our National Parks that National Geographic did. It is called, "Ken Burn's National Parks America's best idea." It is a six part series each one being 2 hours long so no small feat to complete. But it is well worth the time spent understanding how the parks started and the battles between commercial and public issues that still exist today with our gas well exploration in our area.

The movies make you think about how you view the use of land, animals and plants that are irreplaceable once they are gone. I have strong feelings about how our State forest is managed, which were definitely reawakened by this program. So while I am out for a while you can fill in your wild hunger with this and not be disappointed. Mountain girl, (temporarily displaced in a desert) logging out.

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rockhouse said...

You were missed.....thanks for signing back in with an update. I'm sure everyone is sorry for your loss. So sad......