Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bear Problem continues

Front Electric Fence
 After being woke up night after night to dogs barking at one particular bear who has learned the art of draining hummingbird feeders, I put in an electric fence.

The fence runs far enough out the bear can't reach the feeders and goes on three sides of the house.  I decided this to be the safest alternative to retrain the bear. Shooting or spraying anything on the bear involves going outside as he is always next to house and I can't really get a good line on him from any windows. Of course the other solution of not having hummingbird feeders will be my last resort.

Side Electric Fence
The bear is getting braver and not listening to my yelling and the dogs barking inside their enclosed fence area. This concerns me as there is only one more step for him figuring out he is much stronger than any of us.

I am only charging the fence at night and I am placing a hot dog on it to entice him to grab it with him mouth. This will give him a better shock grabbing it with a wet mouth over hitting the line with lots of fur. One or two good shocks should keep him away and save me from the danger of a face to face confrontation. I used this fence to stop a bear from biting another cabin and it didn't take long for them to learn. I will update you as to the progress. He didn't show up the first night I had it up but maybe tonight I will get lucky. Mountain girl, logging out.

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