Saturday, July 28, 2012

Census for our township

2010 Census Interactive Population Search
The above link shows the breakdown of the population in Elk township for the 2010 census. There is only 49 of us.  The 2000 census showed a population of 51 so we are down 2. The area covered by the township is 72 sq miles, that is 1.46 sq miles per person. Leetonia is actually the only "town" within the borders of Elk township. As most of you know Leetonia is basically a ghost town; no food, unless you bring it, no gas, no bars, and no churches. Just a bunch of part-time camps lumped together. This map link shows you the outline of our county. Ninety percent of it is State-owned forest. Now I know why it can be so long to see someone in the middle of winter.

As isolated as it is up here there is something about living here that hooks you and makes it hard to even think of leaving. Maybe its the quiet walk through the forest listening to birds and seeing a deer, turkey or bear pop up. Maybe its the sound of the creek gurgling down towards the Atlantic Ocean or the tapping of the rain against the window after a long dry spell. Sometimes it is a blanket of white snow that silences everything and decorates the branches of the trees and bushes; so quiet you can hear each snowflake fall. This lack of sound scares some people and they rush back to their noisy cities and streets others feel like they are home and never want to leave. Which one are you?

Update on bear issue. Since electric fence no hummingbird feeders have been drank. We did see a bear coming down the road one night as we sat on the porch. Scooter ran it off. So if he had any thoughts of coming to check things out, he changed his mind.

Mountain girl, Paula, logging off.

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Ruth said...

Give me the woods anyday!! I love that when I look outside any window in this house, all I see is trees. May it always stay that way.