Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wind damage

Spruce Snapped by storm
We've had several  storms during the last week. They are isolated and some  had some intense winds. I never want to be driving through the forest when one of these wind storms pop up. There is little place to run to when all around you are trees and debris is flying through the air.
I generally stay out of pine and poplar tree areas when the wind gets much above 25 mph. These trees seem to loose branches easily and they are so tall it can be hard to see a top breaking off and falling toward you until it is down. The last trees to break off are Oaks it takes a pretty bad wind to knock one of these guys down.
 So I started thinking what would I do if I got caught driving or walking in the woods and a windstorm hit? If I was in the car and it wasn't too bad I would probably continue down the road cautiously and try to reach the house. If it got real bad I would look for an area that had less trees to fall and stop or best yet  get under one of the little bridges for shelter.

Walking is another story. If I was able to find shelter that would be great. If I was in middle of pines I would try to move out of them or find the biggest tree to stand near. If the tree falls and you are close to the base of it you can rotate around it away from
View from top of our hill
 or use the tree as a shield against other falling trees. After hearing about a lady in Genesse area being killed by a falling tree it does make you think. If any of you have suggestions I would love to hear them.
On the less dramatic side the third picture I took from the top of our hill. It is partly cloudy today with a chance of storms. To the left of this picture is where that mother bear and her cubs were eating raspberries.
The raspberries and huckleberries are gone. The blackberries are still coming on and are very delicious when you pick a nice ripe one. If you have to pull to hard to get them off, chances are
Blackberries ripening
they are not ripe. They turn a dark black color when you should test them. My dogs seem to like them as much as I do and of course so do the bears. I noticed many bear trails made next to the bushes as they push their way close to them to eat.The rain we have gotten from the storms has done little to the creek levels and they are still quite low so tubing is a lost cause. The woods for the most part is staying green and safe from fires so far. Have a great Leetonia day and stay away from falling trees. Mountain girl, Paula, logging off.


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Kate Sholonski (moderator) said...

Wow....great ideas, Paula. If ever in the situation you described, I will remember your suggestions.